Who we are & what we do?

Hydroll – The Piston Accumulator Company

Hydroll is the only company in the world purely specialized in the design and production of high-quality piston accumulators. The latest piston accumulator technology combined with top-notch know-how and an in-depth understanding of the challenges that our customers face in their applications, makes Hydroll the optimum international technology partner in piston accumulators.

• Founded in 1998
• 100% focus on piston accumulator technology
• Strong in-house R&D in close cooperation with clients
• Efficient global supply chain and deliveries

Mobile equipment

Safety, ergonomics, reliability, productivity and efficiency are some of the most important features of any mobile equipment in today’s mining sites, construction sites, farmland or forests.

Renewable energy

Our piston accumulator solutions are truly proven solutions as in just over a decade Hydroll has gained the position of leading piston accumulator provider for the wind turbine industry, with over 120 000 piston accumulators in over 10 000 on and offshore turbines.

Marine and Offshore

Hydroll accumulators serve Marine and Offshore customers in a broad variety of functions. Our accumulators are designed to perform even in the toughest conditions, including arctic conditions, for extensive periods of time. The products are tailored to meet your requirements.

Industry and projects

In industrial hydraulics accumulators are used in a wide variety of functions.  Hydroll’s comprehensive accumulator offering can support even the most demanding needs in the markets.